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Ann Handley

“In an online world, our online words are our emissaries; they tell the world who we are.”

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Social Media Management

Developing multiple platform profiles, creating content calendars, developing digital ad campaigns and more.

Social media platforms wear the crown in modern day branding and advertising.
Having a strong, strategic social media presence is key to effectively connecting with your audience.
There is no room for the lackluster; each post has to match your tone, perfectly represent your brand 
and engage your followers, or else the algorithm sends you straight into the ether. 
From establishing your brand's tone, to expanding your organic reach, to strategic ad campaigns
and analytics tracking, our expertise is your skeleton key, unlocking hard-to-reach markets and driving traffic to your business, brand, products and services. 
Our package services include a variety of social platforms managed for one monthly fee, or we can work with you a la carte for targeting specific platforms.

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Content Writing

Bringing your voice to your audience loud and clear.

We cannot stress this enough - content is king. 

No industry is excluded from this fact: your messaging must be strong, concise, and tailored to your target audience in order to make valuable connections for your business and brand. 

Think of your favorite companies/brands, what is their messaging like? Their website content? Their marketing materials? Their communication tone on social media? 

We're willing to bet it's strong, otherwise they would not have come to mind in response to those questions.

Every piece of written material you publish online, assign to print collateral, send in an email, say on the radio, or present to the media leaves an impression - don't let it be a bad one. 

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Brand Development & Strategy

Bringing your brand vision to life and placing you front and center in your market.

Venturing into a new business?
Looking to adjust your branding and strategy for your current business?
Looking for a complete brand overhaul and redesign?
We've got you.
We'll conduct market research and analyze what your target audience wants to see in a brand and work with you to marry that data with your vision to create a comprehensive brand strategy that will put you at the top of the leaderboard in your field.

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Community Relations & Reputation Management

Likability, trust, and a strong presence will get you everywhere.

Your voice may be mighty, but sometimes, in order for people to hear you, you need a megaphone... 

We know how to get you one. 

From press release writing and distribution to professional connection facilitation, community relations is a key facet to any and every business, regardless of industry. 

It is not always enough just to get your message out there, though, you have to monitor the responses and feedback you receive, which is where our reputation management services come into play. 

Reviews fuel the train of incoming and repeat clientele, so whether it's responding in a thankful way to a positive review or gracefully addressing the concerns of a negative review, we're your people.

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You've got questions, we've got answers.

Do your services require me to sign a contract?

While most of our services are available to be utilized and paid for on a month-to-month basis, our Community Relations & Reputation Management services require a minimum of a three month contract - this is because we believe the ROI for these services becomes more clearly trackable over time.

What do consultations with you look like?

Our consultations can take place in person (if you are local to the Central and North Florida areas), over Zoom/Skype, or over the phone (Although we ARE open to other methods of communication, we've found that smoke signals aren't ideal but two paper cups and a string may just work out.)
The initial consultation is a meet-and-greet, an outline of your business/brand and your goals, what your needs are, and what your budget is.

What if I only want certain elements of a few of your services?

In most cases, an a la carte service menu can be provided, however some services thrive in conjunction with others listed. All of this can be discussed , determined, and decided in your consultation.

Are consultations free?

Yes! Our consultations are free of charge.
Also, we don't accept tips, so don't even think about it.

Should I hire you?

Oh, absolutely.

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